Alternatives To Publishing Android App On Google Play Store

The app comes with a smooth and interactive UI which lets you download the all of your favourite apps. The best thing about Aurora store is that it is not mandatory to use all the Google services. You have the alternative play stores choice to choose which Google services you want to avail. Taking about its security, it passes through multiple security checks and directly gets uploaded by its developers, without including any third party.

Just like TutuApp, we have AppValley next on our list of best iOS app store alternatives. AppValley provides its users with one outsource react development of the largest selection of free content along with modified and unofficial content for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.


creates and laid the channels to manage the store of android apps and games. Nowadays, some branded android smartphone companies are using this alternative apps store as their android default store.

alternative play stores

You can also go ahead and explore what else AppValley has to offer to its users. That’s why we’ve curated a list of best alternative app stores for iOS and Android apps where app owners can launch their apps. It is a browser-based alternative app store that takes 30% of all sales. Here, users can download as many premium apps as they want for a weekly subscription. Opera Mobile Store gets more than 105 million visits per month. There’s a wide selection of entirely free apps and a forum for developers.

The Ultimate Mobile App Stores List

Besides, this app store has a massive library of over 1 million android apps. Google Play Store is the best place to download Android apps and games for most users. However, for some users, the Play Store might be too restrictive.

Samsung also claims that most of the apps on the Samsung Galaxy App are curated for Samsung devices. 360 Market– One of the biggest app stores in China, it claims to have over 600k apk app files, 275 million active mobile and 457 million desktop users, 30 billion downloads. Its development program isalso one of the best-translated, the store boasts MD5 detection to provide anti piracy protection. All in all, the market for apps in China is huge and should be part of any mobile app strategy.

Option 2 3.1: Aurora Store

Aptoide is one of the oldest third party app stores on the list. It has a bunch of modern apps like Facebook, Nest, YoWindow Weather, Fleksy, and many recent games. However, the main draw of Aptoide is its looser regulations for content.

modified versions of Android, are not allowed to bundle Google apps, including the Play Store, with their software. Compatibility can be restored by installing the Google apps from another source, such as OpenGApps, or using alternative app stores.

The 5 Best Google Play Store Alternatives

With over 105,000,000 visitors per month and 7500 devices supported, the Opera Mobile Store is a great choice for app developers to branch out to a broader user base. Considering that app stores for Windows and Amazon cover a significant portion of the market , this list of alternative app stores can help app owners tap on that unexplored user base. 360 Market has over 270 million mobile users, 455 million desktop users, 600 APK app files and more than 30 billion app downloads. And if that wasn’t enough, the Chinese app store has its own development program that offers anti-piracy protection to its developers.

Thankfully, there are various Play Store alternatives on the market that offer you a place to download apps and games. Some of them offer more app choices than Google Play Store as their policies are not as restrictive as the latter. So, if you are interested, here are the top 8 best Google Play Store alternatives you can download and use in 2020. Mobogenie Market is another good android store hire iphone developer to download apps and games for free. It allows the users to choose from a variety of categories and download the related apps. If you want to download an app, and it is not available in any other android store, Mobogenie market is a great place to look for. Though Google doesn’t allow other apps stores to be downloaded from within Google Play itself, that doesn’t mean you can’t get them.

Galaxy App Store

With a simple interface and way to more comfortable continent apps store for android users. Not just they provide only android apps but also popular for java operating system’s applications too. Though not every android or smartphone allows this third parties store applications. So, check out the sample list of phones before running any applications from the store. The oldest but one of the best popular android apps store is Up-to-Down. Here you will get any sort of tools apps, Social media apps, windows apps, android free version gaming apps, lifestyle apps, and so on more exciting apps. But you might be lucky to find out some paid apps and unreleased apps for free.

This way 360 Market isn’t just offering a huge app user audience to app owners/developers but also a robust firewall against app piracy. Besides hosting a free marketplace of multiple mobile games, alternative play stores web apps, and even videos, 1Mobile makes app search for end users extremely simple. Meanwhile, developers can test out betas and free versions of paid apps on this Play Store alternative.

Google Play Store Alternatives

With the Android mobile OS Google chose an open platform approach, permitting its apps distribution via multiple app stores. Alternative app stores can deliver increasingly impressive levels of downloads and user numbers if the right strategy was applied. In this guide we’ve listed a number of mobile app stores grouped by platform, manufacturer, location and mobile operator. Now, alternative app stores may also offer a revenue share model that is more favorable how to hire a remote team to developers than the standard 70/30 split offered by Apple and Google Play. appScatter system dashboard presents data for four types of data – Distribution, Tracking, Performance and Intelligence. Some users prefer using alternative app stores to avoid using Google services as part of their philosophy. Although bundled with most Android devices, the Play Store is only available on devices that are certified within the „Android Compatibility Program“.

alternative play stores

Most apps are distributed through Google’s Play Store but many alternative software repositories, or app stores, exist. Alternative app stores use the „Unknown Sources“ option of Android devices to install APK files directly via the Android Package Manager. It’s been over two decades since Opera Mobile was launched and following its huge success, the company launched the Opera Mobile Store in 2011. Ever since the cross-platform app store alternative has hosted, more than 170,000 mobile apps supported by both Android and iOS devices.

You can find adult apps and games here as well as questionable apps like Show Box. Of course, this gives the app store a bit of a badlands feel so make sure you pack an antivirus app if you use this one. However, since you can use the service without creating an account, its security issues didn’t actually affect many people. It has the most apps, intensely good security , it comes pre-installed on most Android devices, and it usually works well.